Golf Handicap Calculator UK

In the UK a golf handicap is calculated using a different system to that used in the USA. In the USA a golf handicap is based on a courses 'Slope Rating' and 'Bogey Rating'. This page will focus on the UK method for calculating a handicap. More information on the USA method can be found here.

In order to make the game fair for golfers of all abilities the 'Scratch Score System' (SSS) was introduced. This allows a golf handicap calculator UK to make allowances for golf courses that may play easier or harder than par (more info). A golf course with a matching SSS and Par indicates that the course is playing to its full potential in regards to difficulty. A golf course with an SSS lower than Par indicates that the majority of golfers find the course to be slightly easier. A golf course with an SSS higher than Par indicates that most golfers find the course to be slightly harder.

The SSS of a course does not take into consideration how hard the golf course played on the day of a given golf competition. In order for a golf handicap calculator UK to take into account the difficulty of a course on a particular day, it uses the 'Competition Scratch Score' (CSS).

A golf handicap calculator UK uses the CSS to adjust a players handicap. For every shot less than the CSS plus a buffer zone a player is under par the player's handicap is reduced by the appropriate number of shots for their category (more info).

If a player is in category 2 and they are 2 shots under the CSS and buffer zone their handicap is reduced by 0.4 (0.2 * 2).

A positive buffer zone is in place to ensure that if a golfer has a bad day on the golf course the golf handicap calculator UK does not immediately increase their handicap. If a player is in category 2 then their buffer zone is Par + 2. If the golfer's score is greater than Par + 2 then their handicap is increased by 0.1.

Golf handicap rules for the UK are published by the Council of National Golf Unions (CONGU).

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