Golf Forum

The golf forum is the best place to discuss every aspect of golf.

The golf forum offers information and advice for all type of golfer from the PGA pros to the first timer. Anyone with an internet connection can use our golf forum. However; if you would like to post in the golf forum you must first register an account. In order to register to use the forum you simply need to provide a valid email address and password.

The golf forum is monitored daily for abuse and offensive content. Any offensive content on the golf forum will be removed immediately and the golfer's account will be disabled.

Any person on the golf forum found to be sock puppeting in order to promote other golf sites will be banned from the forum.

The golf forum has three stages of information:

  • Forum Categories: This stage allows the forum user to select the section of the golf forum that they would like to enter. E.g. General Golf Info, Golf Equipment, Swing Advise, etc.
  • Forum Threads: Within each category, a forum user can post threads. This will be specific questions related to the golf forum category that they have chosen.
  • Forum Posts: With each thread users will enter posts in order to reply to the thread.

Any user that posts in the golf forum, whether it be a thread or a reply will be informed via email when a reply is posted in the golf forum. This allows the users to stay up to date with any changes that occur to their thread or post in the forum.