Best Golf Books 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive collection of books dedicated to the world of golf. Whether you're an avid golfer looking to improve your technique, seeking insights into the mental game, or simply interested in the inspiring stories of legendary golfers, you've come to the right place. Our carefully curated selection offers a wide range of books that will captivate and inform golf enthusiasts of all levels.

Whether you're looking to fine-tune your technique, strengthen your mental game, or delve into the captivating stories of golfing legends, our collection of books caters to all aspects of the game. Embark on a journey of knowledge, inspiration, and self-improvement as you unlock the secrets to becoming the best golfer you can be. Happy reading, and may your time on the golf course be filled with enjoyment and success!

Golf Technique Books

Mastering the intricacies of golf technique is essential for any player aiming to excel on the course. Our collection features a diverse array of books written by seasoned professionals and renowned coaches, providing valuable guidance and insights into perfecting your swing, enhancing your short game, and refining your overall performance. From instructional manuals to detailed analyses of golf mechanics, these books offer a wealth of knowledge to help you achieve your full potential as a golfer.

The Four Foundations of Golf: How to Build a Game That Lasts a Lifetime
Lower Your Scores, Increase Enjoyment
Are you struggling to take your golf game to the next level? Learn the philosophy that has helped thousands of players worldwide lower their scores and improve their relationship with golf.
Swing tips come and go, but foundational golf skills last forever. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced player, The Four Foundations of Golf will give you the blueprint to build a stronger, longer-lasting game. This is not your typical, fluffy golf guide that leaves all the important details out.
Since 2015, Practical Golf has been one of the top online game-improvement resources for golfers. Jon Sherman has written hundreds of articles, sharing his perspective as a “player-coach.” You can finally get all of the methods he’s used to become a scratch golfer and coach other golfers in one complete guide.
Every golfer wants to know the secrets to golf. But they are always looking in the wrong places. There are four foundations to building a successful game - expectation management, strategy, practice, and a sharp mental game. In each of these sections, you will receive tangible and actionable advice.
Finally, you will no longer have to feel like you are lost and alone in your golf game. The Four Foundations will teach you how to be your own coach, and not waste time on methods that don’t work. Stop listening to your friend’s questionable tips and learn what all the greats have figured out.
If you like detailed, straightforward information with plenty of examples, you will love this book. It will reshape how you think about golf entirely and give you the tools and strategies to transform your entire game.
The Complete Golf Manual
Covering every aspect of the game, this is the ultimate self-improvement guide for every player - from the novice to the experienced club golfer.
Showing readers exactly what it takes to achieve an effective - and repeatable - golf swing, this book works systematically through every type of shot, from tee shots, iron play, pitching, and chipping, to coping with bunkers and putting. Each section includes a test to establish your level of ability and provides a series of progressive exercises designed to develop your technique. A section on the ten most common faults that can creep into your game shows you how to fix them quickly and efficiently.
The Complete Golf Manual also shows you routines to help you think more decisively on the course and deal with high-pressure situations. An invaluable reference section advises you on buying equipment, including custom fitting, guides you through all-important golf etiquette, clearly explains golf's most important rules, and defines all the key golfing terms.

Mental Strength in Golf Books

Golf is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. The ability to stay focused, maintain composure under pressure, and develop a resilient mindset can significantly impact your performance on the course. Our collection of books on mental strength in golf offers expert advice and strategies to help you harness the power of your mind and improve your overall game.

Zen Golf
In this ground-breaking approach to golf instruction, Dr Joseph Parent, both a noted PGA Tour coach and a respected Buddhist teacher, draws on this natural connection to teach golfers how to play with more consistency and less frustration, and consequently how to lower their scores.
‘When body and mind are synchronized, we can uncover our inherent dignity and confidence. The ultimate goal is not just to help people become better golfers, but better human beings.’
Zen Golf offers a fresh perspective for golf and for life. Instead of focusing on what's wrong with us – what's broken, flawed or missing – we can take the attitude that there is something fundamentally, essentially right with us.
In chapters such as ‘How to Get from the Practice Tee to the First Tee’, ‘You Practice What You Fear’, and ‘How to Enjoy a Bad Round of Golf’, author Joseph Parent shows how to make one’s mind an ally rather than an enemy: how to stay calm, clear the interference that leads to bad shots, and eliminate bad habits and mental mistakes.
Rather than an instruction manual that takes you through a systematic programme, it is a collection of brief chapters offering the wisdom of traditional Zen stories and teachings distilled from a lifetime of actual lessons with golfers, many of whom are PGA professionals.
Continued success at golf (and any other endeavour) requires preparation, action and response – these form the framework for the instructions presented in Zen Golf. Applied correctly, they will help every reader of this unique book to achieve their peak performance.
Golf is Not a Game of Perfect
Filled with insightful stories about golf, Dr. Bob Rotella’s delightful book will improve the game of even the most casual weekend player.
Dr. Bob Rotella is one of the hottest performance consultants in America today. Among his many professional clients are Nick Price (last year's Player of the Year), Tom Kite, Davis Love III, Pat Bradley, Brad Faxon, John Daly, and many others. Rotella, or “Doc,” as most players refer to him, goes beyond just the usual mental aspects of the game and the reliance on specific techniques. What Rotella does here in this extraordinary book, and with his clients, is to create an attitude and a mindset about all aspects of a golfer's game, from mental preparation to competition. The most wonderful aspect of it all is that it is done in a conversational fashion, in a dynamic blend of anecdote and lesson. And, as some of the world's greatest golfers will attest, the results are spectacular. Golfers will improve their golf game and have more fun playing. Some of Rotella's maxims include:
-On the first tee, a golfer must expect only two things of himself: to have fun, and to focus his mind properly on every shot.
-Golfers must learn to love 'the challenge when they hit a ball into the rough, trees, or sand. The alternatives—anger, fear, whining, and cheating—do no good.
-Confidence is crucial to good golf. Confidence is simply the aggregate of the thoughts you have about yourself.
-It is more important to be decisive than to be correct when preparing to play any golf shot or putt.
Filled with delightful and insightful stories about golf and the golfers Rotella works with, Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect will improve the game of even the most casual weekend player.
The Mental Game: Winning the War Within Your Mind
The Mental Game: Winning the War Within Your Mind" is an insightful self-help book that expertly intertwines the world of golf with the art of mastering one's mind. Penned by Dr. Rachel Thompson, a renowned psychologist with a passion for the sport, this book serves as a game-changing guide for golfers seeking to elevate their performance on the green.
With a keen understanding of the unique challenges faced by golfers, Dr. Thompson explores the psychological intricacies that can make or break a golfer's game. She dives deep into the mental aspects of golf, shedding light on the critical role that mindset plays in achieving success on the course.
Drawing from her extensive experience working with golfers at all levels, from beginners to professionals, Dr. Thompson provides practical strategies to overcome the mental hurdles that often plague players. She skillfully combines the psychology of peak performance with the technical aspects of the game, offering golfers a holistic approach to improving their skills.
Throughout the book, Dr. Thompson uses vivid golfing anecdotes, relatable stories, and practical exercises to illustrate her concepts. She explores topics such as visualizing shots, managing pre-shot routines, bouncing back from setbacks, and cultivating mental resilience in the face of adversity.
In conclusion, "The Mental Game: Winning the War Within Your Mind" seamlessly integrates the world of golf with invaluable psychological insights, equipping golfers with the tools they need to conquer the mental challenges of the game and take their performance to new heights.

Golf Autobiographies

The world of golf is brimming with captivating stories of triumph, perseverance, and personal journeys. Our collection of golf autobiographies offers a glimpse into the lives and experiences of legendary players, allowing you to relive their victories and learn from their challenges.

Darren Clarke - An Open Book - My Story to Three Golf Victories
A golfer loved for his courage and charisma, Darren Clarke has the crowds behind him.
They know he is a warm, funny raconteur who likes a Guinness, who both works hard and plays hard. More important, they know that this man pulled himself up by his bootstraps, having lost his wife Heather to cancer, to triumph at the 2006 Ryder Cup.
Just days before the start of the 2011 Open at Royal St George's, Darren's game had once again deserted him, leaving him 'putting like a man with blurred vision'. A month before his 43rd birthday he was not in a good place. But Heather was 'watching from above', the crowd were roaring him on, golf guru Dr Bob Rotella was telling him to 'go unconscious' - and something sparked inside him. The rest is golfing history.
Born in Dungannon, Northern Ireland, Darren caddied for his golf course greenkeeper father, turning pro in 1990. He has played in four victorious Ryder Cup sides and beat his close friend Tiger Woods in the 36-hole final of the 2000 WGC-Andersen Consulting Match Play. In 2002 he became the only player to win the English Open three times.
In An Open Book he speaks candidly about fellow-players, coaches and golfing psychologists; about how he was bullied at school, narrowly missed and IRA bomb and eventually set up a foundation to develop junior golf in Ireland; and about how he found personal happiness again, marrying Alison Campbell in April 2012. Most vividly of all, he takes the reader down those rainswept fairways to the ecstasy of that final putt when, at his 20th attempt, he lifted the silver claret jug.
Tiger Woods Autobiography
Based on three years of extensive research and reporting, two of today’s most acclaimed investigative journalists, Jeff Benedict of Sports Illustrated and eleven-time Emmy Award winner Armen Keteyian, deliver the first major biography of Tiger Woods - sweeping in scope and packed with groundbreaking, behind-the-scenes details of the Shakespearean rise and epic fall of a global icon.
In 2009, Tiger Woods was the most famous athlete on the planet, a transcendent star of almost unfathomable fame and fortune living what appeared to be the perfect life - married to a Swedish beauty and the father of two young children. Winner of fourteen major golf championships and seventy-nine PGA Tour events, Woods was the first billion-dollar athlete, earning more than $100 million a year in endorsements from the likes of Nike, Gillette, AT&T and Gatorade.
But it was all a carefully crafted illusion. As it turned out, Woods had been living a double life for years - one that exploded in the aftermath of a late-night crash that exposed his serial infidelity and sent his personal and professional life off a cliff. In Tiger Woods, Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian dig deep behind the headlines to produce a richly reported answer to the question that has mystified millions of sports fans for nearly a decade: who is Tiger Woods?
Drawing on more than four hundred interviews with people from every corner of Woods’s life - friends, family members, teachers, romantic partners, swing coaches, business associates, Tour pros and members of Woods’s inner circle - Benedict and Keteyian construct a captivating psychological profile of an African-American child programmed by an attention-grabbing father and the original Tiger Mom to be the 'chosen one', to change not just the game of golf, but the world as well. But at what cost?
Benedict and Keteyian provide the startling answers in a biography, updated for this edition, destined to make headlines and linger in the minds of readers for years to come.
Seve: The Autobiography
Seve is the most extrovert player Europe has ever produced. Playboy good looks along with a magnetism that attracted non-golfers to the game made him the biggest drawing card Europe has ever had. He emerged on the world scene with typical élan, hitting one of the most outrageous shots ever seen at the 1976 Open Championship.
Three years later he became the youngest Open Champion of the modern era when he won the first of his five major championships. Ballesteros started Europe's domination of the Majors throughout the 80s and 90s, paving the way for Nick Faldo, Bernhard Langer, Ian Woosnam, Sandy Lyle and Jose Maria Olazabal. His play in the Ryder Cup, fuelled by an intense dislike for Americans, helped restore Europe's pride in the event. Driven by basque pride and with a fiery Latin temperament, Seve has often let his heart rule his head.
Seve is the remarkable story of one of the game's most fascinating characters.
Peter Alliss: Reflections on a Life Well Lived
Peter Alliss was a truly monumental figure in the world of golf. His voice was the soundtrack to many who have paid even the scantest attention to the old game. This book records Peter's vivid recollections of a life well lived, looking back on his double-edged career in sport and media, one that is unlike any other and is surely never to be repeated.
Sit back and listen to Peter Alliss do what he did best: ramble on about this and that in that famous voice of his, drawing sharp and funny observations from disparate quarters of life before inevitably tying everything neatly together and returning to the subject of golf. His memory for long-passed names and distant places remained extraordinarily sharp.
He was also a man of his age which, naturally, meant there were more than a few facets of modern life he found confusing and exasperating. This, however, is surely true for any of us who have lived beyond the point where we wake up each day wondering what we ought to do with our lives.
He appreciated his good fortune at being able to make a living from his ‘ramblings’ while, at the same time, possessing an acute awareness of his rare talent for finding the appropriate word or phrase while winging it over a television picture. His belief that, sometimes, silence is more eloquent than words flies in the noisy face of much modern broadcasting. He was all the more appreciated by many of us for sticking to this conviction and for daring to hold firm in the face of changing convention. Peter is gone now, but the spirit of kindness in which he lived his life reverberates still.
The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods
In March 2004, Hank Haney received a call from Tiger Woods in which the golf champion asked Haney to be his coach. It was a call that would change both men’s lives. Tiger – only 28 at the time – was by then already an icon, judged by the sporting press as not only one of the best golfers ever, but possibly the best athlete ever. But Tiger was always looking to improve, and he wanted Hank’s help. Over the next six years of working together, the supremely gifted Woods collected six major championships and rewrote golf history. Hank was one of the very few people allowed behind the curtain.
Always haunting Tiger was his fear of ‘the big miss’ – the wildly inaccurate golf shot that can ruin an otherwise solid round – and it was because that type of blunder was sometimes part of Tiger’s game that Hank carefully redesigned his swing mechanics.
Towards the end of their time together, the champion’s laser-like focus began to blur and he became less willing to put in punishing hours practicing. Hints that Tiger hungered to reinvent himself were present in his bizarre infatuation with elite military training, and – in a development Hank didn’t see coming – in the scandal that would make headlines in late 2009. It all added up to a big miss that Hank, try as he might, couldn’t save Tiger from.
There’s never been a book about Tiger Woods that is as intimate and revealing – or one so wise about what it takes to coach a superstar athlete.
Golf My Way: Jack Nicklaus
Golf My Way is the one book that presents a complete, in-depth, A-to-Z explanation of how this greatest of champions thinks about and plays the game. Unlike his other books, which present tips and tweaks, GOLF MY WAY gives the reader Nicklaus's entire approach, allowing the avid student to pick and choose among Jack's principles and techniques. In the thirty years since it first came out, Nicklaus has gone on to compile the greatest championship record in golf history. As is inevitable over any thirty-year span, there have been considerable changes in his body, his equipment, and the golfing scene around him. With his tournament career winding down, Jack felt it was time to put the finishing touches on this instructional classic, adding significant new material that shares what he has learned through the years and how he has coped with the changes in and around him. A whole new section, 'Reflections and Recommendations', discusses what, why, and how the changes in his outlook and techniques came about; it gives advice on the oft-neglected mental elements of playing better that are not directly related to ball-striking or shotmaking (factors that may have been his greatest strengths as a player); and reflects upon the differences in tournament golf now compared to when he joined the PGA Tour. GOLF MY WAY was hailed as a classic as soon as it arrived on the scene. Now Nicklaus closes the books, with the definitive final edition that covers the whole of his game through a lifetime of greatness.