Golf Handicap App

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Our golf handicap app makes it exceptionally easy to submit your scorecards on the golf course or from home once you have finished your round of golf. You can then use our app to select the rounds you have entered and calculate your golf handicap. Once you have calculated your handicap you can then use the app to purchase a handicap certificate.
Our app is also much faster, easier and smoother for calcuating your golf handicap. Not forgetting the other great features the app has to offer like sharing rounds with friends, golf round statistics, post your scores on Facebook and many, many more...
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Step by Step Guide


Submitting Scorecards

From the main screen on the app you simply select ‘New Scorecard’.

You then continue to:

  1. Select the golf course you are playing
  2. Select the tees that you are playing from
  3. Select the weather conditions
  4. Select the type of round you are playing
  5. Select the date that the round of golf was played
  6. Enter your score for each hole

Calculating Your Golf Handicap

From the main screen of the golf handicap app, select the ‘Handicap’ page and then select ‘Calculator’.

You then continue to:

  1. Select the most recent 3 rounds of golf
  2. Select ‘Calculate Handicap’
  3. Review your golf handicap calculation

Once you have updated your golf handicap from within the app your handicap progress chart will be updated.

You can find more information on how your handicap is calculated here.

Purchasing a Golf Handicap Certificate

If you need to provide proof of your golf handicap for any reason, whether it be for competition purposes or playing golf abroad, you can purchase a handicap card from within the app.

From the main screen, select the ‘Handicap’ page, following by ‘Purchase Handicap Card’ at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have completed your purchase you will then be asked for your postal address so we can send your golf handicap card to you.

Additional Features

Our golf app also allows you to:

  1. Maintain your golf handicap going forward
  2. View your statistics based on par 3s, par 4s, par 5s, course sections and weather conditions
  3. Send messages to other golfers
  4. Update your golf information


You can download our golf handicap app using the options below.

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