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  macus3699   Aug 21 2014 5:41AM
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Today I wore a thong under my jeans. I was on campus studying at the library - trying to get ready for the new semester. I made a major fashion error and wore low rise jeans and apparently some girls saw part of my thong. (Yes, I was *really* embarrassed, I didn't intend anyone to see them - and I know it is a fashion faux pas for either guys or gals). They were sitting at two tables behind me and I could hear them talking about it and giggling. One said thongs are for girls. But the other two found it hot and said they wished more guys would wear thongs. If you saw a guy wearing a thong (a normal fit guy) would you think it is sexy? As an aside, I have a new gf and she doesn't know I wear thongs. How should I tell her. My previous gf liked it, but I think most girls don't. Although, I don't think she should judge me on my undies. Update : age 20 (need 10 characters to make Yahoo happy) Update 2: color: red previous gf bought them for me Update 3: I wear them because a previous gf bought them for me from a very famous adult brand HUSTLERLingerie and I got used to wearing them. they are comfortable (surprisingly)
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